finding my groove

I know it's going to take me awhile to find my groove with this new project. That's another nice difference between this year and last. This time around, I have a little experience and know what to expect. I know that it takes time to get into a daily routine with it. There's no need to panic that my dining room/studio looks like a tornado hit. Soon I'll figure out what supplies I need daily and find little homes for them so that everything is accessible. 

day 2 | year of creative habits

I also keep reminding myself that what my painting looks like today may not be at all how my paintings will look in June or November. (Hard evidence day 2 of 2014 vs. day 302 ) It's a process and I'm just beginning. 

Today's painting is acrylic on 6x6 stretched canvas. Here's a close up along with some words by Thad. He is so good at coming up with these. I'm thinking maybe I can get him to keep doing them on weekends and holidays or any other time that he's home while I'm painting.

morning fog | crystal moody



Another day of greys and browns

And ice upon the frozen ground.

Past bent and broken springtime stalks

I skated though my morning walk.






Today I put together a gallery page where I'll post a photo of each day's painting. I like to see the chain of days build up in a grid pattern much like the circles from last year's project. This year I'm going to take weekends off from blogging so I'll just add to the gallery on Saturdays and Sundays instead of making a blog post. Have a great weekend guys!