a new year + new project

There are so many feelings today. I'm nervous. I'm exited. I'm humbled by the response to last year's project. As I begin here on day 1, I'm also feeling very thankful, thankful for the experience of the past year. I learned so much and the funny thing is so little of what I learned was about drawing. I learned that I CAN set a goal, make a plan, figure things out, and accomplish a big thing by working little bits at a time. I learned that I am disciplined and diligent. I have changed the way I think about myself and what I can do.

day 1 of year of creative habits | crystal moody

So what now? In 2015 I will do a painting each day. That sounds intimidating, even to me! But I know it's the right goal because I'm both scared of it and excited about it. I also know I need a plan going into it. I need to set myself up for success. 

Like last year, I'll be working with the idea of building a chain and not breaking it. I'm using this cool calendar/goal tracker that Elise designed. One difference this year is I'm taking her advice to "shoot for progress, not perfection." My goal is to paint 360 of the 365 days. I'm allowing myself 5 free days to use throughout the year if I'm sick, traveling all day, have a family emergency, etc.

one day at a time | year of creative habits | crystal moody

I plan to work small (6x6inches) and limit myself to less than an hour. Throughout the year I'll likely change subjects (I get bored easily!) and media. Today I worked in oils but I'll also be painting in acrylic, gouache, and watercolor. I'll paint on canvas, wood panel, and who knows what else! That will be the fun part, finding things to change within the parameters I've set for myself.

I'm still working on the rest of my 2015 goals and intentions. It bothers me that I don't have everything planned out today but there's a lesson in there. You don't have to figure everything out to begin. Start where you are, with what you have. Then go from there.

If you're new here or just want to hear about my project/story all over again, Elise and I chatted about it on her podcast Elise Gets Crafty (the iTunes version here). That was pretty fun and I was so excited to be invited on her show. I mean her last show was with Ali Edwards, how do you follow that?!

Here's a close up of today's painting along with some words by my husband, Thaddaeus Moody:

leaden clouds | crystal moody



Leaden clouds and muted tones

Have sunk a chill into my bones.

So warm and snug I'll stay inside

This inauspicious New Year's Day.






Happy New Year friends. What big thing will you accomplish this year?