quantity v. quality

I've been saying quantity leads to quality for awhile now. I think maybe it was just something I heard but after a year of creating daily, I'm a pretty big believer in it. Recently someone told me that they wanted to work on quality, not quantity.

I'll be honest, at first I kinda rolled my eyes. I can be immature like that. But after awhile I thought ok, me too! How do I do that? I did some googling and I asked my friends in the year of creative habits Facebook group. We had a great conversation about it.

day 9 | year of creative habits

After reading everyone's responses, I have to come back and say I still think quantity leads to quality. I haven't found any other way to get there. The differences come in what we're quantifying. My quantity is my number of paintings, one each day. For others, it might be the number of minutes, hours, attempts, reps, words, etc. 

One thing we all agreed on is quality takes practice.  Practice can be measured if you choose to do so. It doesn't matter what you choose to count. I think if you are really serious about quality then you need to keep track. It's too easy to let yourself off the hook without it.

Just as you decide what quality looks like, you also get to decide what to quantify. If quality is important, then start with quantifying. It's not magic, it's practice.