10 well or rabbit hole

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset 10 days. XXXXXXXXXX. If you are on day 10, can I get a WOOT, WOOT?!

It's Friday and around here that means TV night. We watch all (three) of our favorite shows online. They each have aired previously in the week but we always wait to watch them altogether. There will probably popcorn, maybe a beer. We'll laugh. We'll relate to the characters. It'll take less than 2 hours and I look forward to it. For me, this is filling the well.

TV used to send me "down the rabbit hole." I'd half watch one show, then flip to another. I'd spend all day with HGTV on in the background. I'd turn on a favorite movie and watch it over and over. I think there can be a fine line between 'filling the well' and 'falling down a rabbit hole.' And it's going to be different for everyone. Right now, social media sends me down the rabbit hole. Sure it COULD fill my well, but it doesn't.  This month, I'm taking some time to look at my habits. Which ones are helping my year of creative habits and which ones aren't?