105 imaginary deadlines

self portraits 105 | year of creative habitsNumber 71 on my list of 100 things I've learned was 'deadlines help things get done.' I've gotten to the point that I set imaginary deadlines for myself. I tell myself they are real and that I have to be done. It may be the only real way for me to finish something. At some point, I have to call it good enough, release it, and move on. Another trick I've learned is to create assignments for myself. Year of creative habits is really just a big project that I made up and assigned myself. It seems to be working out pretty well so I decided to create smaller projects. Last week, I began a creative family tree project. I'm researching Basquiat and the artists that influenced him. I've been to the library, read online, flipped through pages of paintings and took notes. Today I began a drawing based on my research. It's a made up assignment and my imaginary deadline is one week.

This morning I listened to Lisa Congdon's talk called Embrace the Abyss from TYPO. In it she said:

"Invent challenges for yourself."

I wouldn't say I'm a lazy person but I think we all can get wrapped up in a day's activities and not accomplish a single thing related to our goals. So try tricking yourself a bit. Make up a project for yourself. Break up into tasks and set a deadline. Heck, maybe even pay yourself when you're done.