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107 constellations | year of creative habits

"...the only ideas that really matter are the ones that get turned into realities. There is no proof of creativity without action. The creative act requires both sides: it requires creativity, and it requires action." -Erwin Raphael McManus, The Artisan Soul

I've studied habits and what it takes to build good ones, break bad ones, etc. I've researched creativity and firmly believe that creativity is innate. I do things to boost my creativity like keep a notebook, get plenty of sleep, and exercise regularly. At this point in my year of creative habits it's really about action.  It's about the everyday, building quantity, putting in the 10,000 hours. I'm not concerned with whether my ideas are creative or good. I'm finding that any idea I execute is good.  Good in that it held my interest long enough to do it. Good in that doing it gave me experience. Good in that I learn from everything. I have to believe that since I'm a creative being, creative ideas will happen (at least sometimes.) Action is quite possibly the hardest part of a year of creative habits. I'm finding some success in making it so easy it's silly not to take action.

Think about this. Let's say you do embroidery. You have a basket of your materials next to the couch. You have a pattern that you are excited about creating. It's all right there ready to go because you've set yourself up for success. You are very busy with life. It sits by the couch untouched for a few weeks. Life just got in the way, as it does most of the time. Today you decide to take action. What is a very short amount of time that you could work that would be so easy, it would be silly not do it? Maybe 5 minutes? Or you decide set a number of stitches for the day. You assign yourself 5 stitches a day. Five stitches is doable, so doable that it's silly to not do it. You build your chain of 5 stitches a day. Then one day you decide this is silly, I could easily do ten stitches. And so it goes. You are taking action every day.

If you are struggling with action, give it it try. For me the keys to beginning this were to have my materials ready and a project that I'm excited about. It didn't work to say I'll work for 5 minutes when I didn't know what I was working on. So baby steps if you need them. Use your 5 minutes to get supplies together at first. Spend five minutes researching or writing in your notebook until you have a project that you are excited about. When you're ready to begin, then make it so easy that it's silly not do it.