111 climbing

monday morning 111 | year of creative habits

An artist who sits down to paint but is thoroughly convinced that she “isn’t really a painter” is already heading down a path where options for creation are limited. At the end of the day, she’s more inclined to wind up with a blank canvas and a headache than an inspirational piece of artwork.

This morning I read the importance of confidence in creativity via creative something. It got me thinking about self-fulfilling prophecies. Fake it 'til you make it may work for awhile but it's pretty tough to continue faking it without some inkling of success to carry you through. I think that's why I'm always looking for the small wins or the silver lining. What's going well? What did I learn? How can I capitalize on those things? I think of those as the toe holds that are helping me climb this mountain. If I can just find the path with the best holds and perhaps follow in the steps of a few wise sherpas, I can climb this creative mountain too. I'll see you at the top. :)