113 the second one

ABC animals 113 | year of creative habits Here's what I'm going through this week, maybe you can relate:

I made something. It turned out pretty good. Yeah me! Happy, happy, happy. Celebrate. Now I want to make another one. Yeah, let's do this! Make, make, make. Ugh. Yuck. This one is terrible. Ok, make, make, more. Still terrible. Ok, stop. Go back to the first one. Analyze it. What makes it good? What was my process? Ok, good, now let's do that to the second one. Make, make, make. Ugh. NO! No not working. Beat head against computer, turn beat head against the wall.

I wonder if this isn't a pretty common problem. I mean how many times is the first movie amazing and the second one just sucks? The first book was great, the second in the series not so much. Then often, the third is better than the second but never quite as good as the first. Or sometimes, it's not that the quality is different but the first came so easily while the second one is like pulling teeth. Have you experienced this in your own work? What is this all about?