116 fav podcast

road trip drawing 116 | year of creative habitsToday I'm on a solo road trip. I downloaded several podcasts for my 8 hours of drive time. People have told me how great different podcasts are but I guess, I just never found the right one for me. That is until now. On this trip, I listened to four different podcasts and finally found one that I absolutely love. It started with watching Jonathan Fields interview Debbie Millman for his Good Life Project. I was familiar with Debbie Millman but had never listened to her podcast. During the interview I thought she had a great voice and she was so well spoken that I knew I had to check it out. It's called Design Matters and it's excellent. She really researches the people that will be on the show.  She is so prepared and so well spoken that there's not the "ums" and "ahs" that drive me crazy. And this show is wicked smart. Anyway, I LOVE it and listened to five episodes already. It has made these 8 hours much more enjoyable. My favorite of those five is definitely her interview with Maria Papova of Brain Pickings (episode #54).  I'm so excited that there's 94 more episodes that I haven't heard! This calls for another road trip!