117 sunday ketchup

critters 117 | year of creative habitsRather than a Sunday slow down, today I'm having more of a catch up... which reminds of me of my second grade classroom. Back then when you were absent, you sat at a round table in the back of the room with a bottle of ketchup on it, so that you could "catch up." There was a folder of papers so you knew exactly what you needed to do and then you could go back to your desk.  Now there's one of the big differences in life now. Don't we always have a feeling like we are behind? I think I'd be sitting permanently at the ketchup table. There's always stuff to be done. Rarely do I get to a point where I feel all caught up. At times, that feels stressful but I'm going to do what I do and focus on the other side of it. Isn't it amazing that I have a page full of ideas and things that I want to do? Isn't it great that I got to go on a roadtrip (and now have lots of laundry and things to put away!) All of the things on my 'to do' list are there because of my choices. That includes the dishes from the homemade lunch we just enjoyed, the emails I need to return to people about their creative habits, and the lessons I need to prepare because I get to homeschool my kids every week. There's a lot to catch up on but I'd choose it all over again.