122 share your thing

watercolor sketchbook 122 | year of creative habits When I was in college I started to collect these wooden giraffe sculptures. It started like most collections.  I bought one and then ran across another that was similar but much larger. Then I found another and pretty soon, I had a whole collection. It didn't take long for my friends and relatives to find out about my giraffe collection and I started to get giraffes as gifts. They would tell me about the giraffe they saw at this certain place or ask if I'd like this other kind of giraffe. I think they got into it more than me. Finally they knew exactly what gift to give me and there was always something for them to talk about around me. Giraffes were my thing [...that is until I got to the point of completely hating giraffes and collections altogether but that's another story for another day.]

This is one of the cool things about sharing your creative habit with others. Soon, you'll find people give you supplies. They email you the article they read about creativity. They ask questions about it. They know what to talk to you about. You have a thing! It's something they can connect to because we ALL have a creative thing. Maybe you write or you sew or you doodle. It doesn't really matter what your creative thing is, the creative process is the same.

Some people have more than one creative thing and that's ok.  Sometimes people will change their creative thing and that's ok too. I'm going to venture to say that while I might tire of doing a daily drawing, I won't tire of having a creative habit. It's the process of making something that we are all drawn to. So go out, find your creative thing, and share it with people!


P.S. Two days ago I switched from wordpress.com to a self-hosted site. Today those that follow through were wordpress.com were transferred over to the new site. So wordpress followers you may have missed yesterday's post. I'm still waiting for those that follow through bloglovin to be transferred.  There's also a few things, like fonts and links, to fix but soon come, mon.