123 a way to get unstuck

dictionary drawings | year of creative habits This week I spent most of my 'studio' time working on the move from wordpress.com to a self-hosted site. There are still a few things to work out but it's getting there. If you follow through wordpress.com or bloglovin' you may have missed a post or two but I think we are all set to go from now on. If you notice anything that's not working--links, menu items, photos, etc.--please let me know!

I thought I'd share the story behind today's drawing. I haven't been to the library in a while so I don't have fresh reference books laying around the table like usual. Lately when I can't think of something to draw, I just open up the dictionary. I draw one (or more) things from each letter. Last week, I did this exercise and drew an animal for each letter. Today, I avoided animals and drew just whatever sounded interesting. Most dictionaries have a few simple illustrations to work from. It's a fun little exercise for when I need to fill a day or two. Today I picked up a new pen and palette. And my new watercolor moleskine should be arriving any moment now. I'll get to the library sometime this weekend and then I'll be set to go on my May goal of adding more color to my daily drawings.