14 a practice

14/365 I read an email from Jen at Ology and Ism this morning with this little nugget of wisdom:

"just being connected to your blog reminds me to PRACTICE my creativity every day so i hope to post to my blog daily. its a practice, like buddhism but different. : )"

Thanks Jen and you are so right, creativity is an EVERYDAY PRACTICE. We all need little reminders at times. Last November, when I was doing a photo-a-day project, I set reminders on my phone. I had one reminder to take a photo and then another to post it. Right now I have built drawing into my morning routine so I don't need a reminder for that but I still have the reminder on my phone to post it.

In the mornings as my son is finishing breakfast, he'll ask to see today's drawings and give me a little nod of approval. I know that if I skip drawing at breakfast, he'll want to know why. He knows about my project and he helps to keep me on track. Are there people in your life who could help you in this way? I bet you'd be helping them too by sharing your work with them.