148 May review

minimal morning | year of creative habits I know it's not quite the end of May but I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow. I'll continue with my creative habits while on vacation but my posts here will likely be a little less meaty.

Today I'm looking back though my notebook (still using the bullet journal system), reflecting, and reviewing the goals I set for the month. (find them here.)

So thus far in May I...

  • worked on watercolor every morning.
  • got the site moved over from wordpress.com to self-hosted. I just finished going through every single post to check for broken links, add tags, and update categories.
  • kept up with my portrait project.
  • journaled each evening in the Day One app.
  • read The Art of Learning and Mindset.
  • finally got going on my creative family tree project. I finished my study of Jean Michele Basquiat and began researching Paul Klee.
  • finished that larger art piece inspired by Basquiat and dropped it off to for a show in June.
  • got settled into a new workspace. So far it's working out far better than my old one.
  • got more comfortable working with color and patterns. I'm still working to add an element of story to my work.
  • ran only 6 times this month. At this point, running is more of a hobby than a habit. :(
  • didn't go for my monthly hike.
  • spent a lot of time working (this vacation is needed!)

I'll save setting June goals for when I return from vacation. I know I'll keep up with my morning painting or drawing. I'll share those and some thoughts about keeping up with creative habits while traveling. So come along for the trip guys, we leave tomorrow morning!