153 June habits

swimmer | year of creative habitsI've been thinking about my June habits and how I might want to continue. I'm enjoying the watercolor and I feel like I'm making progress with it but don't want to limit myself to watercolor each day. I thought about going back to contour or observational drawing like I did in January. The last two days I began with a contour drawing and then dropped in color. I'd like to keep learning and growing so I want to challenge myself with a little something different. I finally decided this morning that this month will be faces and figures. I have my watercolors and pens with me on my trip right now so I'll be using those for this week. Next week I might try some mixed media but I'll limit subject matter to faces and figures. This week while on vacation, we are staying in a condo at the beach with some friends. There is the challenge of keeping up with creative habits while on vacation and an added challenge of working around new people. I'm trying to fake confidence in it all. Everyone along this journey has been very supportive. It's just my inner critic voice telling me that others are watching or that I shouldn't be working I'm on vacation. I'm finding the biggest obstacles are always inside my own head.