163 facing fears

banana at the barn | year of creative habitsI'm still working my way through Creative Block: Discover New Ideas. It's one of those books that I like to have lying around. I can pick it up anytime and find words of wisdom along side a variety of amazing artwork. Today the words "face your fear" keep echoing in my head from Lisa Golightly's advice:

"Fear is a big motivator for me. A college professor once told me that if I was afraid of something, that meant I had to do it, and that has basically shaped my life. So, make a list of the three things you are most afraid of trying (artistically). For example, if you're afraid of painting on a large scale, buy a huge canvas or paper and go! Do those three things, no excuses."

That's where my focus began this month. I find faces and figures intimidating. I will often avoid drawing them so why not spend a whole month working on something that scares me. Lately I can feel other fears creeping in and I know the answer is to face them head on. It's silly really. It's just paper and time and ego. Shouldn't I save fear for something truly worthy of that powerful feeling?