168 helper habits

torn up | year of creative habitsTen days ago I started running again. That's a bit of an overstatement because I'm walking at least half the time but I've been out there working on it every morning. Running isn't really a creative habit but I'm talking about it here for a couple reasons. First the process for building habits works the same, whether they are creative or not. Also, I'm finding that there are habits that help my creative habits.  Running is one of them. Others are writing in this blog space, keeping a notebook, and reading. Helper habits lead me to ideas. They calm my mind. They help me make sense of things. Helper habits are good but I've discovered I have to be careful with them. I could easily fill my time with helper habits and not do any creative work. Helper habits can make me feel like I've accomplished something without creating anything. I have to constantly revisit my story, the reason I'm here. I want to make stuff. I want to inspire others to make their stuff. Helper habits can help but that's all. They aren't the answer. Building a creative habit so that I create everyday--that's the mission. And for today, mission accomplished.