169 "great advice"

breakfast painting | year of creative habitsRecently someone emailed me and asked "to hear some great advice." That's a pretty general request. I'm not sure I'm really qualified to be giving out great advice but they'd been a reader here for awhile and seemed to be interested in what I have to say. So here goes... I think that over the course of this project, I have definitely gotten better. Better is a relative term so I'm not sure what that really says about my work but I hope to someday be 'good' at this. I think the project that I've created and continue to tweak is certainly a worthy project and would work for most anyone. Here's five takeaways I've learned so far:

1. Quantity will lead to better quality. Quality work takes time. Work every single day. You never know when or what thing will turn out. Over time, you'll get more consistent with quality. The only part you have much control over in the beginning is time. Spend time on your creative work every single day. Focus on the quantity.

2. Share your work. Jump on Instagram and start sharing. Build a website for your best work. Get used to putting it out into the world. Share the good stuff. Share the work that sucks. Share every single day. People will come to expect it of you and you'll feel that responsibility.

3. Find ways to help people by sharing about your process or your techniques. Tell your story. Let others connect with you. Share cool stuff and helpful information. Make sure there's something in this for them.

4. Things don't happened overnight. Even those few people who seem like overnight successes weren't. You just didn't see all the hard work they put into it before you noticed them. You didn't see their failures. Some people make hard work and failing look like fun. Try to be like them.

5. Learn how to build habits. Habits rule your life and the world. When your habits are aligned with your goals and values, it's easier to live the life you want.