172 random thoughts

hotel breakfast | year of creative habitsSome random thoughts on this Saturday away... I'm sitting in my hotel room typing this as I look out the window and onto a courtyard with a pool where my kids and husband are having a morning swim. I love to watch the differences in my kids. One is floating happily, playing alone. I can hear her in my head. She's probably singing to her self while she catches water beetles. The other is focused on learning new tricks. He's jumping in. He's going underwater. I imagine he's chattering away with his dad asking "did ya see that and watch this!" They'll be upstairs soon and the roles will reverse.

This morning I'm missing my husband's omelets, slow saturday mornings, my canine sidekicks (one often lays at my feet while I work), and good coffee. I'm enjoying the excitement in my kids' voices about little things like a couch that folds out into a bed, a tiny bar of soap, and a 'continental' breakfast that include waffles and sausage links.

And last, the internet is awesome. I have "met" some of the nicest people here in this blog space and on Instagram. It is so true that when you put yourself out there others will connect with you. Thank you for reading, commenting, and joining me in this year of creative habits.