173 creative unblock

collage bunny | year of creative habitsThere was a day this week that I got pretty frustrated with my painting and tore up into bits. My plan was to do something with the pieces...I just didn't know what that something was at the time. That afternoon, I got out the paints again and started painting on the bits some more. My daughter helped me out with that. Then those bits sat beside my desk for a few days while I wondered what I'd do with them. I'm still slowly reading Creative Block: advice and projects from 50 successful artists. I came across Kate Pugsley's work in the book and I was kind of fascinated. Her art relates well to my current project of faces and figures. At the end of each interview, the artist suggests a project to get unstuck. She says that after painting the paper "get some scissors or an X-ACTO knife and cut out some shapes. They can be totally arbitrary or recognizable as objects, animals, faces, etc. Open your sketchbook or get a blank sheet of paper and start arranging the shapes. Just play with the shapes and colors, layering until you see interesting combinations."

And that's how this bunny happened this morning. Best of all, I like him and it was so much fun. Now I imagine creating a scene for him. What is he pointing at? What story is he trying to tell me?