175 inspiration

tiny painting | year of creative habitsHere's a quick list of where I'm finding inspiration lately:

  • studying an artist aka my creative family tree project: This has been an unexpectedly huge source of inspiration lately. I began studying Jean Michel Basquiat and made a painting that I'm pretty happy with. I then studied Paul Klee and Keith Haring. I've found that I prefer to do minimal online research. Instead, I reserve a few books from the library and delve into those. I take notes and makes sketches in my notebook. Those notebook pages and the books lying around from this research have helped spur along many of my morning pieces.
  • online (instagram, pinterest, and blogs): I'm finding less inspiration online these days but when I do it's usually from instagram or sometimes pinterest. When I find someone I like, I immediately follow them and find out if they have a blog. I love reading/looking through their posts.
  • books: I try to go to the library every week or so and bring home a stack of books to draw from. I like anatomy, nature guide books, and children's books best. I have a stack beside my desk at all times.
  • my own photos: Often, especially when I'm traveling, I'll scroll back through the photos on my phone. It's a portable resource for inspiration.
  • when all else fails, look in the mirror: If nothing is working and my head feels empty, I take a selfie or look in the mirror. Self portraits are an age old subject. I am always available and there are so many ways to interpret me.