176 two steps back

layers | year of creative habitsYou know the saying "one step forward, two steps back?" Yep, I'm feeling that. My one habit-my drawing and painting-every morning is going well. But as I've written here I've been working on some helper habits these past few months too. I've been walking/running for the last 18 days. This is fantastic for me, except for one thing. I'm not reading like I was. I have read about one book each week for 20 weeks. It is now week 24 and I haven't finished a book in the past four weeks. :( Why? There's lots of reasons/excuses: vacation, Netflix, lack of interest in the books I have, an addictive game, etc. If I get up an hour early to walk/run, then it's hard to stay up late and read. One step forward with the walking/running and now two steps back with reading. I don't have a grand solution or all the answers. I'm learning as I go here. Possibly the biggest part of it all is just being aware that I'm doing (or in this case NOT doing) it so that I can make better choices. I've made a trip to the library and I have books that I'm excited to read. Now tonight, I just have to make the choice to read them. Lucky for me, I'm finished with my netflix addiction (at least until next season)!

Do you find this to be true? Progress in one area leads to regression in another? It's that juggling act. If I focus too much on one ball, another one falls to the floor.