178 agitation of the mind

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"It's painful and unskillful to compare." Sharon said. "No matter what conclusion we draw. Comparing creates agitation in the mind."

I'm finishing up the book Devotion by Dani Shapiro which has absolutely nothing to do with my project or creative habits. But as I was thinking about my drawing today, I thought of the line above. In the book she's comparing herself to others who are meditating and practicing yoga. I've blogged before about the futility of comparing my project to another 365 project or my art to someone else's. Today I was hit by the "agitation in the mind" of just comparing today's drawing to yesterday's or to last week's. Sure, if the task for today is to select my best drawings, then comparing them might be useful. There's no need for it today. Today's (and most day's) task is to build my habits and improve my skills. I do that by working everyday. I'm not any closer to those goals when I spend my time comparing. I know better than to compare myself to others but I didn't realize the harm, the agitation, in comparing to the past.