196 world domination is tiring

leafy | year of creative habitsI have a lot in my head and on little slips of paper tucked into my purse, my backpack, and my suitcase. Today I traveled 1496 miles by airplane, 165 miles by car, and 5 miles by train. Yesterday I walked 4 miles in downtown Portland and hiked 7 miles in the Columbia River Gorge. Over the last few days, I've listened to inspirational speakers and met amazing people. I even made a few friends...yes me, the introvert! I had a Reggie and Voodoo Donuts. I drank Stumptown and way too many IPA's. I feel filled/fueled but I'm tired. I'm so happy to be home. I need a day to retreat back into my shell to process it all. I need to get good sleep in my own cozy bed and eat my usual home cooked meals, mostly made by my husband. :) In the meantime, if you are curious about this whole World Domination Summit experience, check out my new friend Taylor's contest. I love that she took the time to write down little stories of the people she met and post them in one place. (Note: I couldn't find a way to scroll through the stories on the right, but if you click refresh you'll get new ones.) You might even find me, my husband, and my 8 year old son over there.