197 challenging you!

monster | year of creative habitsI've written 20+ posts about fear and failure in less than 200 days. It's one of my favorite topics. I also like to read about fear. I think I like to be reminded that we all have it, since it's not something that we often talk about in person. Fear is something that I think about a lot but today is different. My friend Beverly of Pomo Golightly challenged me to turn my creative monster into a very good friend. For the first time, I wrote down some of the things that my creative monster often says. Things like...

  • "you don't draw well."
  • "you can't sell your artwork."
  • "you're old."
  • "you have no story."

Then armed with my new brave bot, I turned those words around.

  • "drawing takes practice." and "you'll get better."
  • "start selling your work."
  • "it's never too late."
  • "stories are within you." and "use your notebook more."

I wrote and drew as quickly as possible this morning. If I thought too much, the monster's words might catch up to me. There was no option to erase or start over. It turned out to be a pretty powerful exercise and something I'll likely keep around my desk for a long time. I extend Beverly's challenge to you.

Today sit down and write the words YOUR creative monster tells you. Draw him/her...not too scary though because he or she is about to become your friend. Then turn those words around. When you're done, share it! Tag me in your post or put up a link here. I'd love to see. This might feel like one of those 'fluffy' assignments that 'old me' would have skipped. You (like me) might be surprised at just how good it feels to get it all out. Words have power. It's time to give that power to a better set of words.