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Each month, I share the books I read in my book reports. The other day when my husband and I were comparing how many books we've read this year, he asked if I counted the ones that I read with the kids. I don't, for the record, but that got me thinking. Some of them are really good! Lately we've really been into graphic novels so I thought I'd share some of our favorites here today.

crystal moody | graphic novels

My daughter is 7 and in first grade so she's just learning to read. The problem is that books that are on her level are really boring, for both her and me! There's just not much story there or they are written for much younger kids. She's also not really into me reading a chapter book to her. There's no pictures and so she gets bored with those too. 

Graphic novels have been a fantastic bridge between the two. There's plenty of illustrations for her and a more complex story for the both of us. We started with El Deafo. I had read it before so I thought she'd like it. She LOVED it. I think it's still her very favorite book ever, even after reading several more graphic novels. And of all the graphic novels I'm sharing today, it's my top favorite too!

After El Deafo, I was on the hunt to for something similar. I tried Ghosts and it was good but I thought it'd be too scary for her. (Ghosts is very good but if your kid is scared of ghosts then probably not the best choice for bedtime reading!) Then we ran across the Baby Sitters Club graphic novels. I read every single Baby Sitters Club book growing up so I knew the stories were wholesome. And while it is about 6th grade girls (much older than my 7 year old) the topics aren't all that mature.

I picked one up at the library and she loved it! We ended up buying the whole set of four. I loved sharing this part of my childhood with her but I have to say that the stories in these aren't as good as El Deafo or Ghosts but still much better than reading Pete the Cat for the hundredth time. ;)

Now we are on to Smile and Sisters which are both written and illustrated by Raina Telgemeier, the illustrator of the Baby Sitters Club books. It's tough with kids and books because they don't always want to try something new. That's why it's great when you find a series you love and/or the author has other books or other series. 

crystal moody | graphic novels

My son who is 11 and in fifth grade is also a big fan of graphic novels. He reads a lot and is a very good reader but he's also very picky about what he reads. He got started with graphic novels when reading the Jedi Academy series. He loved those and impatiently waited for each one to come out. Recently they added on to the series but with a different author and he is not a fan. I can't say I blame him there, how can you do that?!

The other graphic series that he loves and he just got the new one is George O'Connor's Olympians. He reads a lot of mythology but he devours these! Like in one sitting, though he often rereads them too.

Ok, so the best thing ever about graphic novels? When you are all happily reading them...

crystal moody | graphic novels

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