2014 goals

Goals for a new year is a fairly new thing for me. I never really liked New Year's resolutions before and didn't set any goals. In 2010, I began participating in Ali Edwardsone little word. That year, I chose the word SIMPLE. I really enjoyed it, choosing just a word to guide my year. I continued with one little word each year: 2011 FOCUS, 2012 LIGHT, 2013 MORE. Last year along with my word, I wrote several goals. Looking back, I can say I completed four goals and two are in progress/close to completion. The remaining ten goals were complete failures. Conclusion: 16 goals is too many for me.

So for 2014, my one little word is HABIT.

My new goals are:

  • a creative habit everyday...my new project is year of creative habits
  • read 50 books, about one per week
  • hike every month, starting in the Ozarks of Northwest Arkansas

I'll continue these old habits that began as goals:

  • keep it simple
  • eat real food
  • learn to cook more real foods

Here's to 2014! I'm excited!