year-in-review | sept-dec

As I reflect on the last quarter of the year, I'm encouraged. My story is changing and that's exciting.

In September, I shot my first wedding. I am NOT planning to become a wedding photographer but still this was an incredible opportunity. I knew it would be a valuable learning experience but I didn't expect to enjoy the process like I did. 


After returning from our trip to Germany, I took the photo below. I was surprised to find that our tomato plant went nuts while we were gone and had started to creep inside our garage. This photo ended up on the curated VSCO grid. That is a huge honor for me. I believe in iPhoneography or mobile photography (whatever you want to call it) and I love showing others the incredible photos that you can get from your 'phone.'


Also in October I began to do some freelance design work. I created a couple logos, redesigned a blog header, and created a brand while completely redesigning another blog/site. These projects were often challenging but so rewarding.


In November, I started to use vintage photos in my collages. I really love the juxtaposition of the old photos with modern trends. I can't wait do more of these in 2014.


And possibly my favorite photo of 2013 because of the story it tells....


This year was full of change, travel, and growth. Here's to 2014 and what may come.