veggies, artists statements, & BS but not in that order

I recently (virtually) met the artist Lisa Call who also writes a blog at makebigart. As I was poking around her blogs, I settled in to read this post about artist's statements.  I loathe artist's statements. They always seem like such BS and I find that's true whether I'm reading someone else's or writing my own.  I prefer Austin Kleon's approach that the meaning of art lies within the viewer not the artist.  Unfortunately galleries/websites still want me to have an artist statement, no matter how full of BS. So I was happy to read about Lisa's approach. I still am not a big believer in the artist statement but I found that she has some really helpful stuff over there.

Lisa she writes about a particular series that she has worked on for over 10 years and completed more than 100 pieces.  Mindboggling for me. I have a short attention span. I change my mind a lot. I lose interest. I have tried to work in a series before with very little success.  In 2012 I completed a series of 8 collages of local architecture. That's it. That's my biggest series.  After thinking about her post and viewing her work, I definitely see the value of working a series.  So I thought I'd look back through my recent work to see if I could fnd the beginnings of series.  Maybe I've already begun a series and I just to need to keep going....

Every Tuesday we pick up our veggie share from a local farm.  We come home with beautiful, fresh produce that is just begging to be photographed. 



The beginning of a series....maybe. How about an incredible opportunity to learn more about food photography, practice, and see where it takes my photography/collage.