basic blog design | part 1

Lately, I've worked with a few beginning bloggers and I've had several conversations about blog design. I thought I'd put together a series of simple design posts covering the very basics and a few trends. Lets begin today at the very top of your blog. Here's a great one with all the basic parts at the top: title, tagline, and menu.


Sometimes the tagline might not be at the top but we still need some clues to tell us what this blog is about like the colorful categories on this one.


Some trends I've noticed lately are:

  • white backgrounds, plenty of room for the eye to rest
  • smaller headers, sometimes in the sidebar instead of at the top (as in the example below)
  • a less busy, more simple look


My biggest tip is to think about the content of your blog and allow that part to be the focus. Have you ever noticed that photography blogs rarely use a photograph in the header? Many times, a blog that is heavy with photos will have a very simple, often text only heading. (see example below) If your blog will be very type-heavy, then that's a good time to really let loose with a larger, colorful header to grab attention. Think about the typical post that will be below the header and try to create some balance for the viewer.



All the designs in this post are property of the blogs linked. They are all great blogs with good design. Check them out by clicking on the photo. If you'd like to see examples of some of the blogs that I've designed look here, here, and here.