good reads | books 11 + 12

Twelve weeks into the year and I'm reading book number 13. Huzzah! I'm on track to read 50 books this year! My eleventh book was Hyperbole and a Half. It's sort of a graphic novel except it's a memoir so it's graphic non-fiction I guess? However you describe it, it's hilarious and real. And it makes a great 'catch up' book if you've fallen behind on your reading goals. ;) Then I read You Can Buy Happiness (and It's Cheap) by Tammy Strobel of RowdyKittens. I'm kind of fascinated with the tiny house lifestyle and she takes tiny house to the extreme. I enjoyed this one but I think I've hit my limit on minimalism books. I've read quite a few.


I returned several books to the library unread recently yet the stack beside my bed is still quite ridiculous. These made the cut to stay. I  started on Fangirl and already love it. I needed an easy fiction read. The Maps book is incredible, so much drawing inspiration in there. Beautiful Ruins came highly recommended by my friend Dawn. And that Vivian Maier book, wow! I can't wait to see the new documentary about her.