16/52 | portrait project

Week 16 of the 52 portrait project created by Jodi at Practising Simplicity. The idea is simple: one portrait of each child, once a week, every week, in 2014. I'm taking a different approach this week with my captions.


Dear E,

This is you strategizing the egg hunt in the pink light of the VERY early morning. You take it very seriously, like many things these days. While you love Christmas and your birthday, Easter is special for you. You love the challenge of the hunt. You are never quite sure when to give up. "How will we know when they've all been found?" This year we were at Gram & Pa's for Easter. It surprised me that you never expressed worry over E.B. finding you there. You were thrilled to get a new video game you wanted and enough money to start saving for another game. You also got two books and lots of candy. You sure are growing up buddy. Love you to the moon and back,



Dear C.

You sure love your 'baby' cousin. You follow her around. You bring her toys and do your best to play with her.  You talk to her and about her non-stop. This Easter day, you spent more time playing with her new toys than your own. You got two books, a stuffed bunny, brush markers, paper, and lots of candy. But your favorite toy was a streamer that Gram gave you. You like the way the pink ribbon trails behind you when you run. You are so excited about everything babe. I hope that never changes. Love,