good reads | books 15 + 16

Sixteen weeks into 2014 and 16 books read! Hooray! I first saw The Artisan Soul on Amazon. It was in the top ten for creativity so I thought I'd pick it up.  It was a good little book. It is catalogued in the spirituality section of our library (for good reason, I think) so it may not appeal to everyone. I found It's Kind of a Funny Story in our neighborhood little free library. I'd never seen or heard of it but it looked like my kind of book. After picking it up, I then noticed it at Target and Barnes & Noble. It's a young adult novel about a young man's experience in a psych ward. He talks about how things in life can be either a tentacle or an anchor. I loved that, in the end, art was his anchor. 


I don't have any books beside my bed! ! I do have one book on my phone that I plan to read next, The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin. I wandered Barnes & Noble yesterday to get a few ideas and I'll hit up the library this weekend. I'm ready to restock. Book suggestions are welcome!