good reads | books 21 + 22

Wow! I totally fell off the wagon. I went on vacation and didn't read a thing. Then I went on an Orange is the New Black binge. Yay that it doesn't take THAT long to watch an entire season! After a month hiatus, I'm back! And I have a lot of catching up to do. Last week I finished Devotion by Dani Shapiro. I like her. She's funny, honest, open, and quirky. I know she's probably not for everyone and that's ok. Then I ran across Unlabel by Marc Ecko at the library. I didn't know he had a book but I'm familiar with his brand. I liked this book because I enjoyed reading the story of his he started out, the failures, and the successes. 


In an effort to catch up, I already have a pretty good start on The End of Your Life Book Club. Creative Block has been bedside or at my desk for many weeks. It's a great book to have around but I doubt that I'm going to read it cover to cover. If I make it though In the Pursuit of Happiness (which looks promising) it will be my third graphic novel this year. That's crazy! I didn't think I'd even like graphic novels before. I hope to be back with books 23 and 24 very soon and get back on track. I believe it is week 25 of 2014 so I'm three books behind but I will do this!