202 oh Monday...

robin the greyhound | year of creative habits Oh Monday... the beginning of a new week and so many possibilities:

  • This morning I painted over two paintings that turned out to be false starts I guess.
  • I'm sketching the greyhound above for a painting requested by someone special. I still need to do a few more sketches and put together a composition.
  • I picked up Wreck This Journal from a free small library bookshelf in my neighborhood.
  • My kids are playing with a US Presidents flash card set from the dollar spot at Target and I'm thinking about a project to paint each of the presidents. That'll show my inner critic that tells me I can't paint people!
  • The little collage creatures that I made recently need a story and background. I'm thinking about how that might come together.
  • I'm still panicking about this upcoming show and not having enough finished pieces
  • I'm looking back through the sketchbooks I've completed this year and really enjoying the days I drew various animals. I'm planning a trip to the library to stock up again on animal reference books.
  • We're planning a camping trip and I'm thinking about all the fish and little creatures I might be able to draw from life.

Oh Monday, you are full of such possibility it becomes overwhelming! What are your possibilities this week?