203 art & money

egg in a hole | year of creative habits I'm currently reading Living and Sustaining a Creative Life. The first thing I have to tell you is this book's title is very misleading. The book consists of 40 essays by a variety of professional artists so yes, they are all living and sustaining a creative life. However the focus of the essays is on how they make a living/money. Many teach or have other side jobs. Perhaps half of them make their living from their art. It is an interesting read in that it shows many artists' evolutions throughout their careers. There's quite variety in stories and it's fun to see how little moments became big events when looking back at their careers. In the end, I'm left thinking about money and it's relationship to the creative process. Does money ruin creativity? Is money a necessary evil? Are those who create on the side more creative or successful than those who create for money? Or is it vice versa? Money changes people, does money change their art? What do you guys think?