209 keeping up

elephants | year of creative habits Lately I've heard "I just can't keep up with you." or "I could never post every single day." Those statements make me feel a bit down and like my message isn't getting across. Year of creative habits is about doing something creative every single day. Something. Something could be starting. Something could be adding a few details or a few more sentences. Something could be finishing up a project. Something is not start to finish every single day. That is not sustainable for an entire year.

Yes, I think you should share/post every single day but I mean process shots. I mean tell us how many words you wrote today or where you think this project is heading. It's not posting a polished blog post or finished artwork every day. Do something creative every single day. Keep track. Post your progress. Focus on the process, not the results. Take baby steps. Do just enough to keep momentum going. You can do this. Anyone can do this. Don't make it harder than it needs to be and set yourself up for success.