210 do the work

inspired by Romare Bearden | year of creative habitsI wonder why we can't stick with things. I say 'we' because we've all been there. We want to diet. We do it for a few days and then stop. We want to exercise. We do for awhile and then quit. It's the same with most creative work. Why is it so hard to just do the work? Everyone likes results but not many of us actually like the work. Blood, sweat, and tears aren't pretty or fun. Have you ever noticed that 'work' in the movies is always shown as a montage? Picture Rocky in the workout scene with Eye of the Tiger playing. (yep, I'm that old!) But really, the work is always shown in a clip format with a great soundtrack. How boring would it be to watch an hour of someone actually working?! Here's the thing though...I have two kids. I don't want them to equate work to video clips with a soundtrack. I want them to see how the hours and the days and all the little things add up. I want them to see the many failures that lead to the one small success. I want them to see the blood, sweat, tears, and grit. It's not all fun and pretty pictures. It's messes and starting over. It's days and weeks and months to get one thing that's worth framing. How can we expect people to do the work when we don't show them what work really looks like?