215 a shift in thinking

birds | year of creative habits I wrote a little about the growth mindset awhile back. At the time, I noted that it was interesting how it relates to the fake 'til you make it idea. Today I realized that I've finally had the shift in my thinking where I'm not just faking the belief that my art/creativitiy/drawing skills are developed through effort and deliberate practice. I've experienced enough of my own growth that I actually believe that now.

I follow lots of artists that I admire on Instagram and I read their blogs. These are people that I strive to be like. Before my thinking was that they were great, skilled, better than me, on a different level. Now I can really see how they got there and that it takes years of practice. And it's attainable for me or anyone who chooses to work for it.

I can do this. I've proven that I can show up every single day. That's what it's mostly about it. Are you dedicated to working a little each and every day?  It's ok with me that it will take years because I'm enjoying the journey. I'm learning and I'm sharing. I hope that by sharing this process with you, you'll work a little each day toward your creative dreams.

Need more proof, check out these before/after drawings that show years of practice.