216 unbalanced

bunny love | year of creative habits Have you ever noticed that when you get ahead in one area, it leaves the others behind? This year I've really been focusing on developing my drawing skills. Drawing was an area that I didn't feel comfortable and I felt my skills were really lacking. Before this year I'd say my strengths were color and composition. Those seemed to just come naturally to me.

Halfway into this project I think my drawing skills are really improving and I'm gaining some confidence. But now, I'm finding that I'm very weak in color and composition. In the beginning I avoided color because I wanted to be able to focus on just the drawing. After several months of avoiding color those 'color muscles' have atrophied.  I spent months simply drawing from observation in my sketchbook. I didn't build a composition and now those skills are waning too.

I've come to accept that balance isn't really achievable in most areas of life and I think it's probably true here too. I can't give my complete focus to too many things at one time. One solution I've been using is to take the drawings from my sketchbook and then build a composition and add color. That way I CAN focus on one piece at a time.  As I posted before, this month I'm really working to improve the compositions in my sketchbook. Hopefully soon I'll feel confident in both areas and can move onto adding color and telling a story.

What about you? Do you find that you lose other skills when you really focus on improving a particular one? What solutions have worked for you?