223 perfection

masks | year of creative habitsI'm still slowly reading Imagine: How Creativity Works. This passage really stuck out to me:

"... Perfection is not very communicative. " For (Yo Yo) Ma, the tedium of the flawless performance taught him that there is often a trade off between perfectionism and expression. "If you are only worried about not making a mistake, then you will communicate nothing," he says. "You will have missed the point of making music, which is to make people feel something."

As an artist (that's still really difficult for me to call myself that!) I think I'm often striving for realism/perfection. I realized recently that one of the reasons I chose to draw every day for this project was because that's what I thought 'real' artists did. To me, 'real' artists keep a sketchbook and they can draw anything. If I was going to be a 'real' artist then I needed to do that. As I think about where this project is leading me, I'm realizing that drawing realistically is less and less important to me. Art is about making people feel something. I like the look of something that is handmade. I like knowing the story behind the work and about the person that made it. If I want realism, I'll take a photo.