226 with every season

owl | year of creative habitsIt's back to school time! I LOVE this time of year. I love fall, school supplies, and football! It's also one of those times in the year that we often have a change in daily routines. Looking back on this year, I noticed that I've made small changes every new season. Changes in season mean changes in daylight, weather, schedules, etc. and all of that has an affect on my creative habits. Here's what I've figured out so far...

Have a trigger. A trigger is an event that signals it's time to do your creative habit. My trigger has changed throughout the year but I always have one. Right now I wake, I shower, I go downstairs, and I begin. Last winter, I woke and went downstairs to begin. This summer I woke, I ran, and then I began when I got back home. For me, each new season means a new a trigger.

Have a starting ritual and an order to the process. Every day I begin by sitting down at my desk and looking through my reference books. I clean my desk each night so that I always have a fresh start. I get out my supplies and I put my phone out of reach. No matter the season, I've kept this routine.

Prioritize it. This time is important. It's easy for me to want to give my time to my kids and so I might rush through it. It's better if I take this time for myself. Then I'll be more patient and giving of my time throughout the day.

Tweak it and give yourself room to change. Even well thought out plans go wrong. It often takes me a week or more to find a routine that works well for me. Once I find it, it works for maybe a few months, and that's ok. Soon it will be a new season again with new challenges.

It gets easier. I'm finding the changes in routine become easier the longer I've done the habit. This season, the changes are happening without much planning and I don't feel as stressed about it.

Do you have big back to school changes happening at your house? How will your creative habits need to change to fit the new season?