234 the power of everyday

cats | year of creative habits Back in July when I was at World Domination Summit I got to hear Jadah Sellner speak. One thing that she said that as stuck in my mind ever sense is "take imperfect action." Her message was don't wait. Act now. Things will never be perfect. It's great advice but I'd like to add two little words that I think will make an even greater impact.

Take imperfect action every day.

It's these two things that make 2013 me completely different from 2014 me. This year I have taken imperfect action for 234 consecutive days. Some days that action took me ten minutes. Other days it took me two hours. No matter.  I am completely amazed at the growth that is possible by spending a small amount of time on focused action every single day. It's a growth in skill. It's a change in thinking and attitude. Over time, one imperfect action every day is life changing.

What imperfect action will you take today?