242 twenty facts about me

poached | year of creative habitsI was tagged on Instagram to share twenty facts about me. I thought it'd be fun to put them here too. I share quite a bit about my life here on the blog but these are twenty random things that you might not already know.

1. Breakfast is my favorite meal. (duh!)
2. I like wearing glasses.
3. I was married in Jamaica and they called me a spinster.
4. I taught high school art for awhile.
5. I have 2 kids and 2 dogs and most days I feel like that's all I can handle.
6. You'll find a coffee mug or beer glass in my workspace at all times.
7. I hate going to the mall.
8. I have very long toes. My second toe is much longer than my first.
9. At the movies, I always get Sour Jacks.
10. My husband taught me to flyfish. I love it so much I stole his favorite pole.
11. I loved teaching 7th grade math. I still miss it and the people there.
12. I hate talking on the phone. Hang up and text me!
13. I like books and movies that make me cry.
14. I'm a tomboy and I'm finally ok with that.
15. I've read 30 books this year; my goal is 50.
16. I don't eat cake or at buffets. Ew.
17. Now that I live in the Ozarks, I can finally say I love living in Missouri.
18. I homeschool my kids right now. I don't know that we always will but we like it right now.
19. I'm becoming more and more minimalist in many areas of my life.
20. I watch a lot of (American) Football. Go Chiefs!
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