sketchbook studies 11

I took some time away from my sketchbook this week and painted instead. It was a good break for me and I realized several things.

One of my frustrations about working in my sketchbook was it's size. I've outgrown the pocket size and so this week I worked on 9x12 paper and it felt so much better.

crystal moody | sketchbook

I've found two main purposes for my sketchbook. One (as I mentioned last week) is that I record things as I research and often that leads me to ideas for larger or more finished pieces. So #1 purpose = my sketchbook helps me find ideas. 

crystal moody | sketchbook

This week I realized that another purpose is simply that I like to draw! I want to retain and improve my drawing skills. I've found that with any long break from drawing my skills regress, so it's important that I keep drawing. I also just feel better after a good drawing session. It boosts my mood; I feel happy with myself. That's certainly a good enough reason to keep going with my sketchbook.

crystal moody | in progress

My third (maybe kind of silly) reason for keeping a sketchbook. I like having everything in one place and I like that I can close it up and put it away. Currently my studio is filled with paintings from last year and I'm kind of sick of looking at them. Sketchbooks are kinda nice because they close, everything is in chronological order, and they are easy to keep yet not on display.

I think my week away from working in my sketchbook every single day only convinced me that I want to keep working in my sketchbook everyday. :) So I'm off to order a new, larger size one. In the meantime I'll keep drawing on this pad.