37 the Funk

37/365 Ok, I'm keeping it real again today. I'm in a funk. It's a "I don't like anything I'm creating" funk. I worked on a painting yesterday and repainted it twice. Today I'd like to paint over it again. I worked on a collage yesterday. There's no saving it; it's terrible. I did at least two other drawings underneath today's drawing/collage in the photo above. I've been in the "everything is horrible" funk before and I know I'll be here again. It's part of the creative process. So rather than wallow in it, today I'm going to deal with it. I think there's two paths to get out of this kind of funk.

  1. do something to change things--go on an artist date, try a new medium, find new inspiration, etc.
  2. let the funk be--take a break, rest, recoup, clean up my work space, etc.

Choice two may sound like quitting but it's a valid choice. It's like a vacation, just be sure to schedule the return date. I'm giving myself the rest of the day off. I won't attempt to create anything else today. I'm not going to allow myself to stress over it. I'm going to a flea market and a new (to me) library.  Later, I'm going to watch a movie. I'm going to make some homemade chili and bake some brownies with my daughter. I'm going to push the funk out of my mind for today. I'm going to fill the well by seeing new places and doing different things. Tomorrow is a new day.