6 creative habits podcast

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"You are onto the next thing before the last thing has had a chance to fail or succeed…If I am creating something everyday and sharing it then what I did two days ago if it was terrible well I have already done things since then. Maybe you have just noticed that that was terrible but I have moved on”

Friday I was interviewed by Wyatt Christman for his Creative Habits podcast. You can check it out here. He has a really interesting mix of people on his show and several great quotes from those guests about creativity. The interview is all a blur in my mind now but here's a couple quotes Wyatt pulled out:

"School really builds a routine in for you and you don’t have to make your own habits and routines. You show up when the bell rings and the teacher has set what you are going to do and that starts the ball rolling…when you take school out of the picture even as a teacher if I am no longer going to school I don’t have my routines and I don’t have anything set, things fizzle out”

“If you could just follow the routine. Just do it. Maybe it’s not going to be good but just do it. Just go through the process and see what comes of it. I am a big believer in the process of things. Most of my art I don’t plan out. I don’t have a certain idea in mind when I go into it most of the time, I just play”

“Get out of your head, play with your materials, follow your routine and see what comes of it”

P.S. -- Maybe you noticed the new look around here? I've been waiting to have enough days under my belt to change over to a design like this. I think of it as another chain that I have to keep going. Don't break the chain!