63 good enough

63/365 | year of creative habitsMaybe you've noticed a change in the photos from the past couple of days. My dad had a bit of a health scare and I've been posting from his hospital window. The good news is he's fine now and back home. As I settle in here at my home to type today, I'm thinking about what I've learned over the past couple of days:

  • For one, when I quickly packed up my stuff to leave on Sunday evening, I was happy that I had my little box of supplies all ready to go. I just grabbed my sketchbook and my box and I had everything that I needed to stick with my habit.
  • Another is that no habit is more important than being there with your family. If there's ever a good excuse to skip, this was it. But in my case there was no need. I had my stuff and plenty of time to work while waiting around at the hospital.
  • Now is the not the time to be critical of my own work. I was out of my element and a bit stressed. This is the time for 'good enough' and just keep at it.

Of course, there's lots of catch-up to do today and tomorrow. My studio habit that I planned to start this week will have to begin tomorrow. And that's 'good enough.'