79 new normal

77/365 | year of creative habits Thank you! Thank you for taking the time to answer my 2 question survey! [If you haven't yet and would like to, it's here.] I am so encouraged by your responses! XX

As for today, I'm loving this quote that I found via swissmiss:

"Stop thinking of art as an activity totally separate from the human activity; but rather as a part of being human and part of life that is intrinsic, not as a separate event." - Milton Glaser

That's exactly what this project is about. I'm making creative habits an intrinsic part of my life. At some point, I want my sketchbook to be an extension of me, much like people's cell phones are these days. I'll stash it in my bag when I go anywhere/everywhere.  I'll feel naked without it like how I feel without my wedding ring. Or in my teaching days, how I felt 'off' all day without my watch on my arm. Creating each day will be my new normal, no longer a special event. Creating will be a part of my daily life. It should rank right up there with eating and sleeping. And if you know me, you know how I love both eating and sleeping!