82 rest + renewal

82/365 | year of creative habits Over at the kitchn, a food blog that I often read, they have a Sunday post called weekend meditation. The post usually still relates to food but is often taking a step back, slowing down, and reflecting on a topic. That's how I'm feeling today. I need to take a step back and think. I'm flooded with ideas, so many that it feels almost paralyzing. At our house, in the corner of our dining/work room, we have a floor to ceiling white board. When my husband and I start to feel overwhelmed, we get a dry erase marker and have a 'brain dump.' Every little idea, task, worry, etc is written on the board. Once every thing is written down, then the other person helps to organize it. Sometimes it's organized into tasks and scheduled out. Other times, we help each other decide priority vs. back burner items. I've found the act of talking it out helps as much as the act of writing it all down. There's usually a sense of relief afterward as I copy down the organized list into my notebook.

Today, I'll dump my brain on the white board and then force myself to SLOW down. I'm remembering a book I read quite some time ago called Sabbath: Finding Rest, Renewal, and Delight in our Busy Lives. Today is a day for rest and renewal. Shouldn't we begin every week that way?